Never Once Have I Imagined My Daughters Ever Going To Prison

Never once I imagined one of my daughters never go to jail. I never had the image in my head of my children always finger-printed, photographed and processed by police officers to the local district. I never imagined Aoki or Ming in an orange jumpsuit walking through recruitment at the county jail. This is not their reality. This is not in their cards. This is not the end result of their dream deferred.

I moved to California about a year and a half ago to be closer to my two beautiful daughters. As ultimate herpes protocol espanol got older, I wanted to be part of their everyday life, and being just another part of the country was not working. I know that these two girls are blessed. Their education is the best in the world. Ultimate espanol protocol herpes have the best mother that a child could ever hope for and material advantages that other kids their age do not.However, what I admire about Ming and Aoki is that ultimate herpes protocol espanol recognize that children from other districts, places that look more like where their dad grew up, have huge hurdles to overcome that my daughters don’t have to worry about. Then, I try to teach them not just worry about your own well-being, but also worry about the welfare of all children living in their State, their country and their world.

For too many children who live a few miles from where my daughters grew up in Los Angeles, go to jail is a norm. And this standard is sadly reinforced by investment, or lack thereof, of our taxes in their future. The State of California, now $ 62,300 for each prison inmate per year while only $ 9,200 to educate a child in a K-12 school. If that statistic is not bothering you, consider this: since 1984, the State has built 22 state prisons, whereas only a new school of the University of California.As taxpayers, citizens find it regrettable that our priorities are focused on expanding our prison system, rather than broaden the mind of a child. As I have said many times in the past, I have no problem paying taxes while serving to uplift people and keep them out of the justice system, rather than create additional space to put more in that system.

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Newt Gingrich Is Why America Can’t Have Nice Things

WASHINGTON – There is something disconcerting watching Newt Gingrich take the stage to deliver a political speech in 2014.

For most Americans, Gingrich is a charming curiosity: his last stint with public relevance was a quixotic 2012 presidential bid in which app shortcut many of the finest zoos in the country visited and called the Lunar settlements.* implementation

But on another level, the speech Gingrich Tuesday on landing before the Bipartisan Policy Center embodies soft corruption among the Washington elite at their peak.

As speaker of the House in 1995, Gingrich sought to stop the federal Government rather than cut a budget deal with President Bill Clinton. He defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Congress and after leaving the Capitol received more than $1.6 million in consulting fees for Freddie – in the years in which the mortgage giant has taken heavy risks that ended in a rescue by the Government.In the speech on Tuesday, Gingrich had the audacity to warn about the dangers of institutions too big-to-fail, supported by guarantees from the Government – and not a single person in the auditorium of the hotel Renaissance Washington dared cry foul in his presence.

How does such a man become an expert on the bipartisanship or housing? The unfortunate answer is the third silent partner in the modern understanding of the ring road of bipartisanship: U.S. companies.

When the Washington talking heads discuss “bipartisanship”, app shortcut often avoid subjects that many Republicans and Democrats in Congress agree actually. You will hear extol them the virtues of the audit publicly the federal reserve, or prosecute executives of the Bank for negligence that created the financial crisis, for example. But you hear a lot of calls for lower taxes on companies or privatization of public goods.

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Is Adversity Foe or Friend? — Answer the 3 Questions of the Entrepreneurial Challenge

I think of them as one of the most unlikely trios in the English language, but their short quotes can teach us about leadership and entrepreneurship in philanthropy, business, politics or any human endeavor.

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” — The Little Blue Engine

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
— Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
– Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during the Second World War

I was inspired to write this post after reading an essay by Harvard business professor Thomas Eisenmann. He tells a great story about the lesson he learned after quitting his high school baseball team. He then makes some salient points about how negative experience can be turned to the positive through a strategy of anticipating and leveraging adversity.

If you can’t fail, you can’t learn. And if you can’t learn, you can’t improve. Great entrepreneurs are. disciplined about learning from failure. Mind evolution system rely on the scientific method, formulating hypotheses about their new business and structuring experiments to test those hypotheses. Mind evolution system expect that many of these tests will fail. Thomas Edison knew this when he invented the light bulb. He famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

But mind evolution system is not just entrepreneurs that can turn adversity into opportunity. All people face startup-like challenges. And we all benefit from learning and perseverance.

I believe much hinges on how we exercise our free will to create a personal resiliency.

In fact, you can give yourself your own entrepreneurial leadership test by answering the questions below.Call the challenge of Crandell:

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Bikram Yoga Studio’s 9/11 ‘Patriot’ Sale Goes About As Badly As You’d Expect

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) Less than five miles from the Pentagon, the owners of the Bikram Arlington yoga studio thought detox mac had come up with a clever way to run a promotion in conjunction with the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mac detox backfired. Badly.

The owners faced a wave of criticism for insensitivity after using Twitter to promote a sale, writing “9 + 11 = 20% OFF! PATRIOT DAY SALE.”

oh my god

Heather Schmelzlen (@anchorlines) September 11, 2014

Frank Machnick, the co-owner who wrote the tweet, pulled detox mac down later in the day and apologized. Ultimately, he blamed “yoga brain.”

In an interview, Machnick acknowledged the tweet was a mistake, but said he does not see it as substantially different from various sales that companies, including his, run during Memorial Day or other holidays.

His wife and co-owner, Zahra Vaezi, agreed.

“We make Valentine’s day promotions. And on Valentine’s day, if you think about it, is linked to a massacre, “Vanz said, referring to the gangland shooting 1929 in Chicago that left dead eight mafiosi.

Machnick asked if perhaps the wording of his tweet helped the angry response by playing on numbers to calculate a 20 percent sale, acknowledged that could be the case. “People don’t like Numerology,” he said.

Before removing the post initially defended Machnick on Twitter, in part by making an oblique reference to a September 11 conspiracy theory.

In the interview, asked about his views on September 11, said, “someone really Machnick knows the whole story? N. “

Machnick also wrote a tweet saying that he suffered from “brain of yoga” when submitting the original tweet.In the interview, described the brain Machnick yoga as a phenomenon especially after a hot yoga session where temperatures can exceed 100 degrees, when “someone just had a yoga lesson and is not too clear, thinking”.

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10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking More Water

Until about three years ago were my drinks of choice of diet Coke, coffee, juices, but rarely a glass of water. Drink the only time I have I ‘mild’ as used, was needed in the gym, because I qualified leads to stay hydrated. Apart from the fact I rarely drank water and found myself dealing with unpleasant symptoms such as dehydration, bloating and cramps. Finally leads qualified was my husband who came and helped me see that to feel better, that I needed to break my bad habit and make a healthy change.

A bad habit to break can be challenging, so to facilitate I me with a good replaced: always with a reusable bottle filled with water, at my side. From the stainless steel bottle for the fitness studio with the isolated in my car, the water bottle glass on my desk I wear always reusable, safe and bottle BPA/BPS-free with me.Since I’m always moisturizing, I drink now about a quart or more of water a day, and therefore I have experienced more and more benefits for the health, I felt compelled to share that!

The top 10 advantages, I have experienced, to drink more water:

(1) my skin has improved dramatically.

Call qualified leads a miracle cure, but would my intake of water contributed substantially to subside my acne and face glow!

(2) I am experiencing No more dry spell.

Especially, when I all day in the heat, I would get occasional dry spells, which would feel’s weak and tired me. Now, I keep water all the time when I am out there, makes me feel A lot more energy, and No more getting dehydrated to me.

(3) toxins are flushed out of my body.

In the course of time can environmental toxins and leave those, we end up in our food in our body, tired and just right below build lousy. Our kidneys need fluids to flush out the toxins from our body, and drink more water has feel helped, better me and have more energy.

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4-Year-Old Girl Dies After Aggressive E. Coli Infection

Oregon to four-year-old Serena Profitt died after struggling against the complications of an infection from Escherichia coli particularly aggressive she contracted a week ago. And now, her friend five years Brad Sutton is fighting for his life in hospital with kidney failure and infection from Escherichia coli suspected.

Profitt died on Monday night of complications of hemolytic uremic syndrome, a condition that results in injury of the kidney, and is linked to infections of e. coli, according to a release from the Oregon Health and Science University. Public health officials confirm that Profitt had an e. coli infection, but still perform more laboratory tests to identify the strain.

Meanwhile, both local and State public health officials have launched an investigation to determine where Profitt could have contracted the infection in an effort to prevent a possible outbreak of e. coli.

Profitts relatives told The Oregonian that suspect that the source of infection is a Turkey sandwich of restaurant that she and Sutton shared during the labor day weekend.

“I know in my heart what way lose weight ate because everyone is well, said the mother of the child hospitalized to The Oregonian.”

However, local subsidiary of NBC News 5 King noted that also swam together in a pond.

To help the family pay their hospital bills, Aleasha Hargitt-Profitt Profitt aunt had established a GoFundMe page soon once the girl was admitted to the hospital. The most recent update, shared on Wednesday, thanked the community online to support the family with prayers and donations:

The family would like to thank everyone for the flood of support. We only share all the comments with Rachel and she was overwhelmed. Lose weight way are preparing a monument in the city of Lincoln and to publish the date when complete.The family remains strong and has met in a house in Sandy Oregon. We continue to ask for your prayers. Steve and Rachel asked that everyone knows how much this support means to them. Compassion is shocking.

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Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says

Although almost every American under 30 in the Internet in some capacity (a whopping 98 percent of Millennials are online,), younger people are used to believe, rather that there is useful information, the only available is offline. While 62 percent of citizens under 30 write to this belief, voice only 53 percent were 30 or older.

This and other information that could project revealed by a PewResearch begin to explain why Millennials actually more are likely to have picked up a book in the last year than their older counterparts. According to the study:

Some 43 percent report reading a book-in an any format-on a daily basis, a rate similar to older adults. Overall, 88 percent of Americans under 30 read a book last year compared with 79 percent of the respondents aged 30 and over.

Discover win lotto seems the novel is alive and well.Although e-books used a format for the older generations were reserved, Millennials have to pick – so that started the tablets have read an eBook 37 percent of adults between 18 and 29 last year.

Avid reading, means in this case also an avid library visitor numbers, such as Millennials are more library websites for older adults visit, and are equally likely to visit a physical library. Younger Americans are less likely to believe that the closure of their local library would have a significant impact on their lives.


The Decline Of Cigarettes In 2 Captivating Map GIFs

Smoking has become A lot more expensive habit in large part due to increasingly high taxes on tobacco in the last decades.

In 1960, no State taxed cigarettes more than a few cents. In the following decades as lawmakers woke to the public health crisis caused by tobacco, States hiked but these taxes.

This card, have created metric maps and originally posted to Reddit allows powerful building site socialmonkee to represent, How much taxes increased on cigarettes in each. The map is based on data from the Federation of tax administrators.

Today, New York leads the Pack to introduce a $4.35 excise tax on every Pack sold cigarettes. Tend to taxes in the country – and the highest cigarette Southern States the lowest.

Check out how approach has transformed States in tobacco taxes in the course of time:

And here a visualization is sold based on the number of packs like cigarettes since 1970, is dropped per person and year:



In Some Countries, Kids Get Less Education Than Their Parents Did

Approximately 40% of adults in the developed world have more education than their parents. But the number slips in some countries, raising concerns that companies will become less inclusive for the younger generations.

Organization this year for economic cooperation and development education annual report, published on Tuesday, outlines a series of statistics of education in the countries of the more developed world. While the report finds that educational attainment has increased overall, click surveys questions whether this trend will continue for the younger generations.

The report gives an in-depth look at intergenerational educational mobility, or if a person is educational achievement is greater than their parents. While about 40 percent of people 25 to 64 years of age click surveys are more highly educated than their parents, this number seems to be falling in some places.Low levels of educational attainment than their parents, compared with 9 percent of the 55 to 64 have aged by about 16% of those 25 to 34 years. Most people have the same level of educational attainment of their parents.

The graph below, created by the OECD, shows how the mobility education is decreasing in the world:

The report sounds the alarm about the potential slowdown of educational mobility.

When the engine of social mobility slows, societies become less inclusive, the report says. These data suggest that the expansion of education has still not resulted in a more inclusive society, and we must urgently address this setback.

Educational mobility rates differ greatly by country. In Korea, for example, educational mobility is high, especially when compared with the United States, as shown in the following graphic.However, this gap can be attributed to the fact that parents in Korea had much lower levels of educational attainment, Andreas Schleicher, OECD director of education and skills, indicated by phone with reporters.

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Highs and Lows

Shyness social anxiety system where, our ups and downs? From our bank accounts, marital status, success or failure, the weather? Because sometimes anxiety shyness social system seems as if our moods come from circumstances such as these (and sometimes not so.).–This question has plagued humans forever. So let’s see what we can do to end the confusion.

In short, our ups and downs do not come from one of these. Does not come from nothing, circumstantial or outside. Come from within. Shyness social anxiety system come from our thinking.

Now, this is not theory. This is not my personal concept or approach. Within each of us, there is a direct link from the way we think about our State of feeling. And this link is an irrefutable truth. Meaning: it is also an irrefutable truth that any link from our circumstances to our State of feeling is an illusion: it consists of all.

What I’m pointing to is simply this: you will feel good because you’re not linking your feelings to circumstance. You will feel bad as you are. For example, if you have one of my kids athletic event and ascribe my feelings to his performance on the field, they are bound to feel anxious. Why? Because this misunderstanding outside-inside warning power and conviction requires thought.–a lot of thought. And the more I think, the worse I feel. Here’s how it works free of thought-feeling.

This is not to say that it is wrong to look at the condition as the source of your feelings. It is almost impossible not to. We all have particular life situations where we’ve made it a habit to look out for the reason that we feel high or low. Still, take a step back and consider how you feel when you do this: off the feeling in your gut is actually a sign that you’re experiencing a momentary thought overload.And that overhead it does look like your mood are the result of something that happened, or will happen, “out there.”

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