Naps, Why I Love Them

Many moons ago, when I was moving into my first college apartment, I spent what was at the time a small fortune on a fake black fur sofa with padded arms and a low back. The aesthetics of black faux fur not withstanding, I selected the sofa for a reason: when my boyfriend and I went out shopping, furniture set out to test brad callen niche finder out and within minutes, passed out asleep. For real. My boyfriend, who had been walking around looking at other couches, found me snoring.

I woke up and immediately announced we were buying this couch. I already mentioned that was black faux fur and well beyond our budget, right? Taken on layaway and probably spent as many hours sleeping on the couch as I have in my bed. When told the college boyfriend and I eventually broke up, the two elements in our battle for custody were the sofa and the dog. I got both. got liberal visitation rights.–but that’s another blog post.

That couch survived the dog and moved with me from squat more College apartments houses in multiple States as crossing the country for my career. No matter what the style, the decor was based on having a fake black fur sofa bed in the living room. A friend once suggested that I move to the den.–actually I think said garage.–and ditched the Decorator decorator friend.

After 25 years, I reluctantly parted with faux fur black sofa. I sold finder callen niche brad to a friend who had fallen victim to nap-inducing its charm. She took off the State and I’ve never seen since, although my affection for brad callen niche finder has never waned and periodically I call and ask how he is doing. I never felt this way about the boy of the college.

Couch had the magical power to put to sleep who dared to lie down on it. I slept through the entire seasons of football games on Sunday afternoon.When dinner guests wouldn’t go home, just passed out on the couch. Forget trying to watch a movie night; I napped through hundreds of them.

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A World Without Integrity

International Center for Academic integrity has launched a competition seeking high school and university students to answer a provocative question: “what ciderhelm learn league would be like to live In a world without integrity?” The best answer-video or poster-win an iPad Mini.

Unfortunately, league ciderhelm learn may not take too much imagination to most students to imagine a world so. To a large extent, for them, is already here.

Teach what is “cheating”

Statistics show that more high school students cheat than ever. With my students, I saw that many are unclear on what constitutes cheating. In a discussion about the integrity, for example, a student claimed that pretending to laboratory results was not cheating, why “cheating is only when you copy from someone else test”.

When posed the hypothetical situation of a runner taking a shortcut, the same student thought he was “unintelligent.”He was surprised to discover that many of his teammates disagreed with him. I, on the other hand, was alarmed to see how many did not.

As a Boomer who remembers, so better to settle for anything that blames “the younger generation” failures of morality. That is too easy and too common.–something every aging generation has done since the days of the Roman Empire. Better watch the examples we have created for them and wonder why we didn’t see this coming.

Too many role models cheat

The litany of examples of successful impostors is long. Investment bankers who made a Fortune (and not suffer consequences for) selling worthless securities, for the South African swimmer who claimed that his deception was justified because ciderhelm learn league was prevalent in sports (and I have to keep her Olympic gold medals), the modern world is filled with role models pointing in the wrong direction.

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Classes Resume A Week After Mass Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School

MURRYSVILLE, PA students. (AP) designed to gather in prayer and in support of another on the football field of a Pittsburgh-area high school where classes were scheduled to resume Wednesday, a week after a knife fight.

School and public safety officials have been working to get things to normal in Franklin Regional High School for 21 students and a school security guard was stabbed shortly before classes began a week ago, said a county official. On Monday, teachers met a crisis intervention specialist before spending the day at the school to get acclimated to their surroundings. Tuesday, parents and students were invited to an open house of sorts, where learn draw caricatures could see the building, which had been cleaned and restored after the bloody attack. Community members gathered at a local park on Tuesday evening for a prayer service.

Suspect Alex Hribal, 16, is being held in a juvenile facility but is charged as an adult with aggravated assault and attempted murder in the stabbing. Four students remain hospitalized.

Students in middle and elementary schools, which share a campus with the high school, returned to classes a day after the attack. Dan Stevens, spokesman for Westmoreland County Emergency Management Agency, said this week has been marked by events in preparation for the return of normal hours Wednesday at the high school, which culminates in a pre-dawn rally on the football field organized by students.

“Back to school today is going to be a good thing for them,” said Stevens.

About 30 members of the Presbyterian Church next to the school, Newlonsburg showed up to support returning students, lining the road near the entrance of the high school.Many held signs saying things like “F R are loved,” ‘ caricatures draw learn is a new day, “‘ just know you are not alone,” ‘ prayers for healing, “and” Courage “.

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Don’t Saw the Sawdust

Just finished reading a book written by Dale Carnegie in 1944 as don’t worry. I took the book and then immediately worried that I would get nothing out of it, because freight broker profits was written so long ago. (See what I did there?)

To my surprise and delight, this book was fully relevant to life today, as people have been worrying since well before 1944 and will likely worry about things beyond 2014.

One of the gems I’ve taken from this book was the principle not to saw off the sawdust. Have you ever sawed wood? You saw, the wood is cut, and then use the wood for something. Ever sawed sawing? No? Do you know why? Because there is no point of it! What purpose would serve? Freight profits broker would be a colossal waste of time.

Worrying about things that have already happened is also a colossal waste of time! Worrying about yesterday is about as productive saw sawdust. You can’t go back and change everything you did yesterday.For that matter, you can’t change what you did two minutes ago! Once that is done, is done, and worry about something that is passed is a waste of energy.

Now, I’m a worrier by nature; That’s why I bought the book. I care about everyone and everything. But I started to realize how ridiculous this is because most of the things that bother me are the things that I have absolutely no control over, or even worse. I am concerned about the stuff that has already passed.

And just don’t worry about what happened yesterday, or the day before or the day before that. I don’t care about what happened 10 years ago! If Monday morning quarterbacking was an Olympic sport, I’d definitely a gold medal!

Here’s the thing: life is short people are busy, people get sick, people die, invoices are payable, children must be fed, and we have to earn a living.There is war in the world and poverty, disease and we could be successful, we fall on our faces, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. There are all kinds of things to worry about; But what good does it? All we have is right here and now. Why spend so the right here and now for something that has already gone to care or worry about something that might not happen?

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8 Steps to Exodus From Your Bondage

Easter is the story of the Jewish exodus from the bonds of 400 years of slavery to freedom as a Jewish people. Even if today there is no slavery to Pharaoh, servitude remains a metaphor for abandoning your freedom to slavery.

Modern slavery takes many forms: food addiction, unhappy relationships, workaholism, more stressed, anxious, over weight above. All represent beliefs we internalize and make hypothyroidism solution possible to bind us.

If you feel immobilized, blocked, prisoner or feel that you do not control your life, should not be so. You can live is free and freely. Hypothyroidism solution only requires proposed your beliefs to release the chains that bind you. Since Passover lasts eight days, here are eight steps from exodus from your bondage using Passover as an acronym.

P = authorization.–This is the first step and one of the most challenging. If Moses did not believe freedom was possible, the Jews would remain in Egypt.What beliefs block you? Why? Hypothyroidism solution is said that people living in the past feel depressed and those living in the future feel anxious. What can you do to live in the present-to live this moment as a joyful experience? Display where you want to be or what you want to happen and move to that place. Give yourself permission and freedom becomes possible.

A = associations -author Dan Buettner, author of the Blue zones, has found that people who socialize on living longer and living healthier. If you are spending time with friends or family or in a linked Group as your congregation or other social experience by doing so regularly helps provide beliefs, behaviors and perspectives that are liberating and contribute to freedom, happiness and longevity.

S = Stress reduction -people have always known stress. A little of it allows you to prepare a conference or sporting event, to prevent a car accident or running out of a burning building. But chronic stress is responsible for up to 80 per cent of primary care physician visits, only 3 percent actually receive stress management counseling. Stress and his sidekick, fear, can bind in your current situation and keep you from trying new things. The future can be brighter if you simply move towards the light. As Joseph Campbell said, “the cave that you fear to enter guards the treasure you seek.


How Does Vox Figure PARCC Tests Are ‘Working’?

In April 11, 2014,, a supposed “news site based on” started this month by Ezra Klein, posted this propaganda wonder regarding the partnership for assessment for College and careers (PARCC) field trials.

The piece is titled, “Common Core tests are in the classrooms.–and viral review bot are actually working. “

Depends on what you consider “working” to be.

If “work” is the cutting of untested (and therefore less appreciated) school courses, programs and staff in order to feed the monster, then Yes, the test “are working.” I teach high school English. Over the past three years, at the end of the year, I felt my Administration saying, “we’re going to lose another teacher,” meaning English full-time elsewhere had to be cut.I heard that education still several weeks ago, when an administrator explained to me why my course of teaching Academy-a State program created more than a decade ago to arouse interest among high school students in teaching as a career-would cut next year.

The day I got the news, I saw the new computer shipments arriving in our library. Bot viral review turns out that our district has been requested for the purchase of these computers by our State in an arrangement outside the State Board of education is made with some lucky technology company.

Each machine costs $ 1100 the district. Our school alone has seven computer laboratories. Each laboratory can accommodate about 20-30 students.

Big money-all spent on shiny new computer required for PARCC analysis.

Three years ago, our school library that served 1,800 students has lost two of his three librarians.

This library was closed for three days last week in order to accommodate standardized tests.

1800 school students without access library for three days.

For a number of my students who need to conduct online research, “became” the library and used my computer in the classroom to help the students agitated without access library with their research.

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‘It’s An Embarrassment’ That We Don’t Have Equal Pay

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama is intensifying his call for equal pay for women, a higher number-year election to Democrats eager to mobilize women to vote.

In his Saturday radio and Internet address, Obama called an embarrassment that women earn less than men in the same profession and with the same formation.

Obama this week issued an executive order prohibiting federal contractors of retaliation against employees who discuss their salaries. Such an order is considered to be a way for women to become better informed about their pay.

The weekly Republican address, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington says that the economy under Obama is hurting women. She says Republican proposals to help small businesses and increase jobs will benefit women as well as men.

Hi, all. Earlier this week was equal pay day.Swtor savior guide marks the extra time, that the average woman has to work in a new year to earn what men earned the year before. You see, the average woman who works full-time in America earn less than men even when shes in the same occupation and in the same statement.

That is wrong. In 2014, its an embarrassment. Women deserve equal pay for equal work.

This is an economic issue that affects all of us. Women constitute about half our workforce. And increasingly, theyre our main family breadwinners. So its good for everyone when women are paid fairly. That is why, this week, has taken steps to prevent more companies from punishing workers for discussing their salaries because more transparency pays makes swtor savior guide easier to place pay discrimination. And I hope that more business leaders will lead this cause.

But equal pay is only part of an economic agenda for women.

Most low-wage workers in America are women. So Ive taken executive action requiring federal contractors to pay their workers a federally financed at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour. I ordered a review of our overtime rules, Nations to give more workers a chance to earn the overtime pay swtor savior guide deserve. Thanks to affordable care, tens of millions of women are now guaranteed free preventive care like mammograms and contraceptive, and days when you may be charged more just for being a woman are gone forever.


Consider Doing Nothing And It Just Might Make You More Productive

What can the power of choice tell us productivity? More than you might expect.

A new study suggests that simply having the choice to sit and do nothing while your tran daily grind increases your commitment for a certain goal and may even Boost your likelihood to achieve that goal. Sounds counterintuitive, right?

“The funny/interesting thing is that most people think that doing a ‘ do nothing ‘ option highlights when choosing will result in people who are less persistent,” study co-author Dr. Jeffrey Parker, Assistant Professor of marketing at Georgia State University, said The Huffington Post via email, “because fbinfluence shows exactly that option: quit smoking or do anything. We find that the opposite occurs.

The study included three separate experiments in which more than 100 men and women were put into different groups to complete a series of cognitive tasks online.Some of these groups were given the choice to complete one of two tasks or “opt-out” participating. Other groups are not given a choice “opt-out.” All participants were offered a payment for doing unpleasant tasks, making the choice to “opt-out”.

At the end of the activity, the researchers found a huge difference in the performance of those who have had a choice of opt-outs and those who did not.

“When we add this option ‘ do nothing ‘, people work longer, spend more time on task and improve their performances between 20 and 30 percent,” study co-author Dr. Rom Schrift, Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview.

Why has helped.–more than hurt-productivity? Dr.Schrift said that choosing to choose a goal or a task in the course of doing nothing, you’re bringing value and grow stronger, that must be a good lens or a task for you to take. so put you to work harder.

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Still Concerned About What’s Next for Early Childhood Education

I remain concerned by prospects. I am one of the many welcoming the recognition paddison program rheumatoid arthritis receive early childhood education by national and State Governments in 2014. With such an opportunity in our viewfinder, I urge policy makers, parents, early education teachers and administrators to move forward with a child development perspective.

What I mean by a child development perspective? I mean that babies, baby, preschoolers and children ages pre-k have certain developmental features. I heard the number of 5-year-olds be suspended from nursery schools for behavioral problems, and I wonder what is being expected of them. People ask if your child is ready for school, but the real question is simplified if the school is ready for the baby.You don’t have to be an expert to know that teaching 5 years are not wired to sit for long periods of time, leading with their body, and paddison program arthritis rheumatoid have their own ideas and curiosity that we should encourage and not squelch.

There must be a vision for classrooms of nursery, kindergarten and pre-k as immersive environments, interactive, full of open opportunities for gaming as learning and focused on early childhood guidelines that address the whole child learning and development, not only on academic learning first.

So what exactly an early childhood classroom quality like? What I know from my research and that of many others, is that quality must embrace gaming experiences. Through play, children advance in all critical areas of their development and learning: cognitive, physical, academic, language, literacy, social and emotional. At this age, these areas all go hand in hand and are held together, not separately.What worries me is that lectures series, direct instruction and Drills worksheet can replace a day game and hands-on exploration for children, and we need to be thoughtful as we move forward with this new and much-needed emphasis in early childhood.

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Why Amazon Pays Some Workers Up To $5,000 To Quit

Hate your job? Then exit. In fact, we will pay to exit.

That is the philosophy at Amazon warehouses, according to a new letter from company CEO Jeff Bezos. Here’s a snippet from the letter to Bezos ‘ written to its shareholders this month (our emphasis):

The second program is called Pay for Quit. App shortcut was invented by the clever folks at Zappos and Amazon’s fulfillment centers [warehouses] have been iterating on it. Pays to Quit is quite simple. Once a year, we offer our members to stop paying. The first year the offer is made, its for $ 2,000. Then you go up to a thousand dollars a year until shortcut app reaches $ 5,000. The title on offer is Please Dont take this offer. Hopefully app shortcut won’t take the offer; We want to stay. Why we make this offer? The goal is to encourage people to take a moment and think about what you really want. In the long run, employee somewhere who will not be staying is not healthy for the employee or the company.

The idea is based on a program employed by Zappos, a shoe and clothing retailer, now owned by Amazon, which offers new hires a bonus to quit. (Apparently very few of them take.)

But Amazon warehouses are often made up of temporary workers, and it is unclear whether they would qualify for the pay-per-program exit since they are not employees of Amazon. The company did not directly address that qualifies for the program when hit by The Huffington Post.

Amazon’s warehouses are massive distribution centers where workers often work long shifts performing grueling physical labor while retrieving SalesOrders.

Amazon and workers at warehouses in Nevada are currently in the midst of a lawsuit to be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States. The lawsuit involves long waits at the points of required security controls that are intended to prevent workers from stealing expensive goods. The case will determine whether Amazon and other companies have to compensate workers for time they are forced to wait in line.